Why Should You Consider Buying a Used Motorhome?

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You’ve made the good decision to buy a used Motorhome to enable you and your family to enjoy multi holiday and weekend trips both accessible and affordable and taking your 5 star accommodation with you with the freedom of a “go anywhere” adventure!

But buying a motorhome, whether it’s new or used, is a big decision. Whilst motorhomes retain their value to a much greater degree than cars, there are still certain choices that need to be considered.

Often provided with warranties and certainly at White Arches Motorhomes you can purchase one of or quality used motorhomes with our “Buy with Confidence” warranty included. Buying a quality used version from a reputable dealer such as White Arches, are in fine fettle. Buying brand new certainly also has its benefits with extended warranties and new designs, but a used version that has been cherished by its previous owner can provide benefits that are as noteworthy as their brand new peers.

There are many used motorhomes for sale in stock, with the demand for these ever-increasing. Here are four reasons why you should consider buying a used motorhome:

Cost Effectiveness

Once the initial outlay has been covered, holidays in the UK and abroad are mostly accounted for thereafter. The seemingly ever-increasing cost of air travel and hotels is a big black mark against holidaying abroad, whereas in a motorhome, you can visit the same places at a greatly reduced cost, in comparison.

Last-Minute Holiday Decisions

One significant benefit of a motorhome, is that you’re able to holiday expeditiously. You’re not reliant on hotels, or seats on aircraft being available, and are able to venture to various destinations across the UK and Europe without fear of limited availability. This justification is further supported, with the vast array of campsites and pitching points available across the globe.

One Holiday Becomes More

A motorhome naturally enables the owner to drive and stop at will. Traditional holiday packages and breaks away, are usually to one destination only, given the level of preparation and arrangement required to take a multi-city break. Travelling via motorhome eliminates this aspect, allowing the user to visit various destinations in a single trip, with consummate ease.

They’re a lot more comfortable and high-spec than you may think

Gone are the days when motorhomes used to be small, poorly designed and clunky. The standard has evolved drastically over time, and models built in recent years are spacious, luxurious and very fit for purpose as well as being easy to drive and manoeuvre and very “car – like”. Bailey motorhomes are very well reviewed having historically been a major producer of touring caravans, but there are a number of other models which continue to attract interest and respect like Auto Trail , respected for their excellent design and specification.

The benefits of buying a used motorhome haven’t just evolved over time, but they’ve become considerable with the demand for such products increasing year on year.

If you want a luxury accommodation and the total freedom that a Motorhome offers and to be able to start your holiday the minute you leave your driveway then visit White Arches one of the most reputable dealers in the UK, so get in touch today to see if we can help with any aspects of a used motorhome purchase.

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