Top 3 Motorhome ranges for sale

Top 3 Motorhome ranges for sale 

Popularity in motorhomes is on the rise, as many look to them as a great means of investing in future travel. It offers a great option to simply get up and go, which is great for both families and those who have retired. The question is which to buy? Here we cover the top motorhomes for sale at present.


SWIFT Motorhomes 

Swift have quickly established themselves into Europe’s biggest leisure vehicle manufacturer, putting them at the forefront of the industry. They continue to release new motorhomes, as well as keeping the classics to tailor for all budgets. The 2020 range has now been released and they have looked to deliver with the looks, equipment on offer and the value.

The new ones to hit the market are the Edge, Select, Escape Compact, Escape, Kon Tiki Sport and the Kon Tiki. The Escape is the award winning coach built product on the range and has now gained a new layout both inside and on the outside.


BAILEY Motorhomes 

The Bristol based company have been providing some of the leading motorhomes on the market since they were founded 65 years ago. The products offer great value for money, with their award winning designs and high level performance.

Bailey’s recent releases are the Alliance Silver edition and Autograph. This on top of the classic Advance and Alliance ranges. The Advance are a range of low cost motorhomes and have been created with the first-time buyer in mind.


AUTO-TRAIL Motorhomes

Auto-Trail are another of the UK’s leading provider of motorhomes. They are renowned for offering great options of family motorhomes and they can be designed to your order.

Auto-trail have a number of new products on the market, such as the V-line, Imala, Tracker, Apache, Frontier and the Tribute. The frontier has long been their flagship range and sat at the top of the industry products for over 20 years. This luxury design, is where others have looked to follow from and will continue to do so moving forward.


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