The Mink Camper Has Arrived !

The Mink Camper at White Arches Caravans

We are pleased to present this innovative and individual go anywhere rugged leisure vehicle – The New Mink Camper - See it Now Displayed in our Indoor Showroom

The All Season Go Anywhere Leisure Vehicle

The MINK Camper is a purpose-built all season sports camper that delivers more of everything: fun, capability and effortless freedom. The innovative, frameless Solid Shell Structure™ (patent pending) and the robust galvanised chassis make the camper very stable and safe to tow due to its very low centre of gravity. Whether it be grass, gravel, snow, sand or a paved road, the camper will follow you wherever exploration takes you.

Room with a view

Small on the outside - spacious on the inside - with a large panoramic skylight and super-cool porthole windows either side. The sumptuous queen size bed ensures a good nights sleep whilst also being the perfect place to stargaze in luxury. Additionally, a canvas bunk provides storage space or doubles as a bed for a little one. Cuddle up and enjoy the wild like never before...

Open-Air Kitchen

The rear trunk of the MINK Camper opens up to reveal a well organised and illuminated cooking area, with plenty of storage space. The counter top accommodates a built-in illuminated ice chest. You'll also find a 12v plug to power smaller gadgets and 220v plug to use when the MINK is connected to electricity. Find the perfect spot and prepare your next culinary delightful dish!

Nordic design

At the core of it's design is intuitive functionality, sustainability, craftsmanship and durability. By always focusing on the essentials for outdoor living,  ensure that you can enjoy the beauty of nature in a safe, simple and fun way. We strive to combine the intimacy of camping with style and comfort, but in a minimalistic way.


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