Make your staycation a ‘safecation’

On holiday as at home, hygiene is now a major concern for all of us as we strive to protect and keep safe those we love and ourselves.

During lock down, our homes have become places of refuge and safety, a protective bubble that protects us and those we love from danger and harm, where we can feel secure and relaxed.

If we could take our home on holiday we probably would, but while that is impossible, having our own ‘home away from home’ is possible - as many are starting to discover.

A caravan or motorhome is like a fresh air hotel with nature on your doorstep. Just like home, it is a self-contained, self-catering, protective bubble.

It’s your space to manage as you want, you’re in control. Compact in form with lounge, kitchen, washroom and bedroom areas, it is a comfortable and relaxing space fitted with domestic style heating and all the mod cons you need.

And wherever you venture and however you stay, please remember to always follow Government guidelines on keeping safe and protected.

family bubble 

Protected like home

As at home, a leisure vehicle is completely self-contained, with you in control of every element of hygiene and cleanliness. You can stay free of worry as to how thorough the cleaning has been or who had stayed before, because you’re in charge, you set the standards and you can decide who is allowed into your protective bubble.

With caravans and motorhomes, all surfaces, including hard wearing vinyl flooring, are easy to clean and all carpets are bleachable. For a completely thorough clean, you can easily access underneath seats and beds in all our caravans and motorhome.


Protected on the outside

Just like your home, the exterior shell of a leisure vehicle is fundamental to keeping your family safe and protected from the elements: whether you are travelling in a motorhome or towing a caravan.

Protected by distance

Holiday parks and caravan sites are naturally social distanced. Guidelines require at least 5 metres between leisure vehicles, including at least 3 metres of totally clear space (to allow for the access of emergency vehicles).

Stay at any of the sites operated by the two main clubs or an NCC registered site and the pitch size may be even larger.

A leisure vehicle is also self-contained with washroom and kitchen facilities and avoid the need to use external shower and toilet blocks where the risk of infection may be higher.

And if you are looking for even greater isolation, and once travel restrictions are eased, then venture through amazing Scotland where you are permitted to wild camp and enjoy life ‘off –grid’.

So get ready to go and explore !


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