Benefits of Buying a Used Caravan

Touring Caravans have become a much more popular purchase in recent times as a family holidaying option. Caravans now offer all the luxury and comforts of home and although buying new means you get all the up to date designs however Used Caravans also offer a great alternative offering a similar experience at a more affordable price. White Arches Caravans have a fantastic choice of both new but also a massive selection of quality used caravans for sale, so you are sure to find the perfect caravan for your next adventure ! When it comes to used caravans, there is a real chance of finding a genuine bargain. Here we cover the benefits of owning you’re used caravan:

  •  Freedom

 The total freedom to go where and when you like is one of the key attraction that entices people into purchasing a caravan. They are very practical when travelling as you always have a bathroom and kitchen on board for that essential refreshment stop on your journey. Caravans really do provide you with the opportunity for a road trip and to travel near or further afield.

  • Cheaper way to holiday and multi - breaks

 One of the key reasons in buying a caravan is that it provides a cheaper way to holiday. We live in a world of hidden costs, such as booking a hotel and breakfast not being included. The costs all add up. However, caravan provides excellent value for money over an extended period. You have a choice of thousands of sites both in the UK and abroad offering pitch fees from as little as £8 per night ! You can also ensure you are able to have a regular break with family and friends without spending the earth! Also owning your own caravan means that frequent trips are easy and cost effective.

  • More Independence

With a caravan it gives you the opportunity to be more independent. You can finish your week at work, and simply jump in your caravan and have a mini break over the weekend. For much of the year baring busy summer season, you may not even need to book into a campsite and could simply turn up on the day. This all means you can have an easy cheap getaway, whenever you desire.

  • Great for kids

Campsites provide a fantastic place for kids to play with adventure playgrounds and often entertainment on offer as well as gaining good social skills. Camp sites are usually always well protected and in rural settings , so it can give parents the peace of mind for their children to go off and play in the areas available without constant supervision. With no grass to cut or house chores quality family times are guaranteed !

  • Staycation

Caravans provide the endless option for staycation breaks across the UK. This means you can continue to have weekends or mini breaks away, without having to book expensive hotels. There are literally thousands of camp sites within the UK, so you have so many options to visit different areas. Whether this be the big seaside holiday parks or the small independent sites in scenic locations, these are all open for you to have a break enjoy the area and explore places you perhaps have never visited before.

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