White Arches Caravans
EXT Elegance 530 Front View SWIFT3
EXT Elegance 530 Nose on SWIFT4
EXT Elegance 530 Rear View SWIFT3
EXT Elegance 530 Side On SWIFT3
EXT Elegance 650 Front View SWIFT2
EXT Elegance 650 Rear View SWIFT2
EXT Elegance 650 Side On SWIFT2
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Swift Caravans Elegance

Offering an exceptionally refined touring experience, the Swift Elegance provides luxury comfort that people have come to expect from Swift Caravans.

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INT Elegance 530 Rear to Front SWIFT3

Special Features

INT Elegance Chrome Sockets SWIFT 6

Chrome Sockets

INT Elegance High Pressure Water SWIFT6

High Pressure Water

INT Elegance Pull Out Front Chest SWIFT6

Pull Out Front Chest

INT Elegance Omnivent SWIFT7


Pure Discovery – 2018 Swift Caravan Ranges from Swift Group on Vimeo.